Managing and preventing shoulder issues

Understanding and planning your pathway to a strong and mobile shoulderShoulder pain can be a very troublesome and tiring considering how much we use our arms and hands on a daily basis. In this blog we’ll talk about theAnatomy of the shoulderCommon diagnosesHow we can help What you can do to help yourselfIf you get … Read more

Meet Nigel – Epic human and Incredible Osteopath


Nigel Robinson B.Ost, MBA, PgDip, BAThat’s a lot of letters after his name and they are there for a reason… A dedicated chap driven to support public health through his work in Camden Council as an Osteopath with our Team.If you’re looking to book in with Nigel you can explore his availability here.We managed to … Read more

Robyn the limpet – Climber and future champion!

Credit – Island FeatherMeet Robyn Gupta, one of our Just one body athletesWe had the opportunity to speak with Robyn recently. We couldn’t get her off the wall to talk to her so we took the interview to the wall! The photo above is mid interview… Maybe So Robyn, introduce yourself to the world!I’m 14 … Read more