Back and neck pain – What you can do in the workplace?

5 tips and 1 major desk hack that most work station assessors don’t know!

Our bodies were not meant to be sitting in general, especially for long periods without moving. Thinking about human evolution, we have developed over 1000's of years being mobile and hunting food. The time span in which we've gone from standing/moving to sitting is incredibly small in evolutionary terms.

Our guide to setting up your workstation in your office to reduce the risk of become sore, stiff or getting pain in your back, neck, shoulders... frankly anywhere in your body. 

1/ Make sure your keyboard is close to you and avoid putting paper in between you and the keyboard. Below is NOT the way to do it. This will pull your head forwards towards your screen.

Use an A4 stand to hold your letters/document off to the side or clipped to your monitor, so they’re not in the way of your keyboard. We recommend this one: 

Kensington FlexClip Copyholder - Black

Having space too much space between you and the screen will encourage you to reach forwards and slouch over the keyboard.

2/ Screen Height

The top of your screen needs to in line with your eyes. But you probably know this! 

Tip — Raise your monitor with books or a stand. It doesn’t matter what its on so long as it raised.

If you are using a laptop then place the laptop on a stand. we recommend this one:

Insert Image

3/ Feet height and position

 Keep you feet flat on the floor. The chap above has his legs crossed, which is fine for 15 mins or so, but the feet are really useful for helping to support the rest of your body. Our spiritually centred friend below is missing my point!

Tip — Get a foot stool… This can sound silly but if your feet don’t touch the floor fully your HR can help get you a stool. Or the cheaper approach is a A4 ream of paper.

4/ Elbows are for bending, not leaning!

Leaning on elbows — Massive NO NO!

Well… you can, I’m not going to stop you. Spending a few minutes in this position isn’t going to break you. Long periods of it will lead to aching and pain around the head, neck and shoulders.

5/ Massive desk hack alert!!

Using our chap to the right, what do you notice about his back position?

If you haven’t guessed, he’s leaning back into the chair. He isn’t bolt upright! When you’re upright you’ll have a tendency to fall forwards and slouch. Our yellowed shirted desk warrior is in a great position. I just need to work on his, feet and keyboard position.

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