The Better Climber Project

Know your body, Train smarter, Climb better

Knowledge is power... and there's no such thing as too much power!

Climbing is one of the best whole body forms of exercise available. Using a combination of arms, legs, torso, feet and hands in all the weird and wonderful ways possible.

Climbing well comes down to a mix of experience, technique, strength and mobility. Coaches are great for helping you develop your craft of choosing body positions, understanding body tension and when to use it… the list goes on.

What we do is different to coaching. We look at what your body is capable of through the lens of a therapist. Exploring how your body functions and performs in tests and movements designed to match what you need to excel on the wall. 

Our team are keen climbers as well as experienced therapists. This combination of knowledge and experience has born our unique profiling and assessment platform that will give you the information you need to improve on the wall and reduce the risk of injury.

Meet the team

Freddie Wee

  • Sports Therapist
  • Climbing Rehab Specialist
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Sports Massage Therapist 

Freddie is the brains behind the Better Climber Project, using his experience and knowledge from working with the GB youth squad and co-developing their performance profiling assessment.

Working with the next generation of climbers has given Freddie valuable insight into what is needed to become the best. What is needed to perform at the highest level with a low risk of injury. Freddie has spent years researching the most useful ways to assess and measure what is needed from some of the best in the industry.

You can find Freddie either in the gym or handing off a climbing wall in London with his hands or Wooden ice picks! Check out his instagram

Climbing clinic sports therapist

Kieran Lowe - M.Ost, BSc H SRIP

  • Osteopath
  • Climbing Rehab Specialist
  • Sports Rehabilitator
  • Sports Massage Therapist

Kieran is the owner and clinical lead for Just one body. He is a keen climber taking the Alex Lowe approach to climbing. He has been running the Vauxwall East clinic since 2018 and is proud of the support and service we offer the climbing community. The clinic has helped over 300 climbers since opening. Starting the Better Climber Project has been an exciting experience as we know what it can do to the climbing community.

"Knowing what your body needs to perform and stay injury free is the dream for any therapist and climber. There is no meter or gauge highlighting when you are doing too much or when an injury is about to happen. The Better Climber Project s the closet you will get to having that meter"

Kieran Lowe head shot Just one body

What is the Better Climber Project?

This is the simple bit

Using 3 simple steps we are able to assess and create a training programme tailored to what your body needs, explained in a way you understand.

Step 1

Therapist led clinical screening

  • Screening for previous injuries and medical conditions
  • Exploring current issues
  • Clinical assessment for your body as a therapist would
  • Discussing your aims and objectives for climbing

Our therapists take the time to get know what your body has been through and how it currently move and functions. This part forms the basis of the screening so we know what factors may be limiting your performance in the screening.

We also explore other medical conditions that can affect how you move and recover. For example people who are hypermobile will perform differently in screening and will react to training and climbing different to others. 

Step 2

Whole body assessment & profiling report

Testing your body's strength, mobility and control:

  • Shoulder performance
  • Torso strength and control
  • Hip mobility and power
  • Arm, hand and finger function... any many more

We test your body from head to toe, exploring the differences between left and right and top to bottom.

Understanding how your body works under specific movement demands we can explore the strength, mobility and control you have in each joint individually and as part of a wider collection of movement patterns.

Knowing where your body is weaker, stronger, stiff or mobile allows us to tailor your training plan

Step 3

Your profile is complete

Now we sit down and work through the finding or the report in a langauge your understand. The data collected is very useful to work out what needs to be improved. However, what you felt during each exercise is just as important; this is the only feedback your body can give you while on the wall.

Therapist screening + Whole body assessment + Profiling report = £150

Book an Assessment & Profile Report

Whats next?

Choose a training option that works for you

Self training plan

When we say tailored, we mean it! No off the shelf plans here.

Your profile report will highlight areas you need to develop. We offer modules in either mobility or strength & conditioning for each area of the body. Your body needs at least 3 months to develop before we progress the plan.

Each module will have videos, notes and information on how to perform each exercise correctly and how to progress in your training plan.

You check in with your therpist to see if you're ready to progress your plan.

Booking a re-test is a great way to explore the progress you're making.

Each module - £50

Recommened max 3 modules at a time

1:1 supported training

If you feel you need the support of our team to learn how to train we can offer you 1:1 session until you are ready to go solo. The cost of your training plan will be included in this support.

Subscribe for 3 months

Our 1:1 support is offer in 3 month plans, meaning we will work with you for a minimum of 3 months. It's like a subscription,; we can work out what works best for you.

We offer discount if you train more often

Sessions per month








Full price






















If this doesn't make sense, it will once you've spoke to us

Clinical support

If you currently have an injury or your profile show you need support from our clinical team we can offer you subsidised appointments with our team of therapists.

Therapist based appointments are offered not only to help you body get over an injury, but also treat areas of stiffness or dysfunction that can increase the risk of an injury developing.

Speak with our team to choose a subscription model that best suits your needs so we can work out how many sessions you need to get your body prepared for training.

See our clinic price list

Community rate


It is important to review your progress while your body is changing and improving. What was once an area for development is becoming one of the strongest parts of your climb. 

A re-evaluation takes you back through the assessment and profiling programme where you can then compare your progress to the baseline measurement taken at the start. 

The important part is matching this to what you are experiencing on the wall. Data is great, but data, wall performance and feel is the key to progression.

In the Re-assessment we will complete the whole process again from start to finish. We then take the time to compare your results in the report to the baseline report and explore what has changed.

MSK assesment - Physical Profiling - Prolifing report comparison

If you have other modules to work we suggest you get through these before completing a re-assessment. Do speak to our team to discuss when another re-assessment is needed.

Re-assessment - £100

Book a Re-assessment


We are working with Vauxwall East and The Font to deliver our screening and training sessions.

You can choose which location you would like to use in the booking page.