Climbing & Osteopathy – Going hand in hand

Osteopath working with a climbing

Climbing injuries – Exploring how Osteopaths work with the climbing community to become and stay injury free. No one wants a climbing injury…Osteopaths are ideally placed to work within the climbing community and have done for many years… You just may not know itOur Team at Vauxwall East Climbing Centre in Vauxhall was established in … Read more

Managing and preventing shoulder issues

Understanding and planning your pathway to a strong and mobile shoulderShoulder pain can be a very troublesome and tiring considering how much we use our arms and hands on a daily basis. In this blog we’ll talk about theAnatomy of the shoulderCommon diagnosesHow we can help What you can do to help yourselfIf you get … Read more

Meet Nigel – Epic human and Incredible Osteopath


Nigel Robinson B.Ost, MBA, PgDip, BAThat’s a lot of letters after his name and they are there for a reason… A dedicated chap driven to support public health through his work in Camden Council as an Osteopath with our Team.If you’re looking to book in with Nigel you can explore his availability here.We managed to … Read more

Robyn the limpet – Climber and future champion!

Credit – Island FeatherMeet Robyn Gupta, one of our Just one body athletesWe had the opportunity to speak with Robyn recently. We couldn’t get her off the wall to talk to her so we took the interview to the wall! The photo above is mid interview… Maybe So Robyn, introduce yourself to the world!I’m 14 … Read more

Lockdown: How to setup your home workstation

Long gone are the days where working from home means having your email open but catching up on Netflix, laundry and life admin. Now it means actually being productive in a room that wasn’t setup to deal with anything more than dinner, TV or the spare room where you hang out your washing.Unless you’re lucky … Read more

Point 3 Well-being; Mindfulness and Movement

“We recently caught up with Kieran Lowe, an osteopath and sports rehabilitator to discuss when movement interrupts mindfulness. Kieran has been working within healthcare for over 14 years supporting elite and amateur level athletes in the UK and abroad. More recently Kieran has been working with ergonomic specialists based within a range of office based … Read more

Valerie’s journey away from surgery

Offering concessionary support for local residents – Valerie’s journey to recovery without surgery.‘I had to make a choice between continuing to see the NHS physio or exploring Osteopath with Just one Body; I felt like I definitely made the right choice in choosing Kieran at Just one Body.After experiencing severe knees problems and being told … Read more