Climbing & Osteopathy – Going hand in hand

Climbing injuries - Exploring how Osteopaths work with the climbing community to become and stay injury free.

No one wants a climbing injury...

Osteopaths are ideally placed to work within the climbing community and have done for many years... You just may not know it

Our Team at Vauxwall East Climbing Centre in Vauxhall was established in 2018 and has thrived since. Working with typical climbing issues you'd expect, shoulder pain, climbing finger injuries, pulley problems, wrist compression problems... and more day to day issues like low back and neck pain, hip impingements and postural problems.

Climbing and Osteopathy are an ideal partnership for many reasons, here's some of our thoughts:

1 - Climbing works the whole body - Osteopathy work with the whole body

For those of you who have started climbing or restarted since a break you can feel every muscle and joint over the next few days. The DOMS feeling that we're used to is so wide spread at time you find areas that you never thought you could exercise before. No one wants a climbing injury!

Osteopaths are trained to look at the body as a whole and we don't mean just the muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments etc... We have extensive training covering the other systems of the body

  • Immune, Digestive,, Neurological, Endocrine, Respiratory, etc...

Exploring and treating the whole rather where the pain is very important to ensure pain and injury recovers and doesn't return.

2 - Osteopathy is not just about clicking bones!

This is a typical phrase we hear "I didn't come to see you earlier as this wasn't a bone problem". We understand this, we are unfortunately stuck with the Osteo part of our name.

The reality is we have a range of treatment options available to us. Imagine seeing it as a tool box where we can pick the right collection of tools for the job with no over emphasis on one type. It's quite common place to see a clicking based therapy to take over most of your treatment plan. This approach is quite outdated and frankly doesn't have the research base to justify repeated and regular treatments.

We offer you a choice, this is crucial in ensure we can choose what treatment plan will work best for you. When you're happy we can work through this using a combination of the following:

  • Exercise and mobility based rehabilitation
  • Hands-on mobilisation techniques
  • Soft tissue therapy
  • Sports massage
  • Strength and conditioning programming
  • Taping and Bracing
  • Training and progression advice
  • Lifestyle and nutritional advice
  • 3 - We're climbers, just like you!

    This part just makes sense right? You wouldn't go and see a back specialist who knows nothing about backs? We are keen climbers of varying abilities. Kieran our clinic director is very much of the Alex Lowe approach - The best climber in the world is the one having the most fun.

    We know what it's like to have a climbing injury and unable to climb, we know how frustrating it is to understand an work through the treatment and rehab to get you back on the wall. 

    Our job is to get you doing mini-forms of climbing or climbing like drills to scratch that itch! Rest is rarely the right response to pain and injury, instead we incorporate this into your rehabilitation plans as best we can.

    Have a look at our team to see who can help you best.

    What can be done to help?

    Well that's a simple question with a longer answer. 

    Firstly you can explore our YouTube channel for a range of exercises and tests to help resolve the issue at home. This way is very hit or miss as without a diagnosis it's hard to target the reasons for the issue. 

    Secondly you can always book in for a free 20 min consultation. We use these appointments as an opportunity for you to meet with us and discuss you needs. We also want to make sure we can help. If we feel we can't we can refer you to experts within out network of professionals.

    Massive thanks to VauxWall East and the Lakeland climbing team for keeping the treatment room open for us during the lockdown.

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