Cranial Sacral Therapy - A gentler approach to addressing pain

This type of treatment focuses on a gentler approach to resolve pain and discomfort. The treatment can be in incorporated into a typical osteopathic appointment or can be a stand alone treatment session.

What to expect

The word cranial doesn’t mean we are limited to treating just the head and face, we treat the whole body. Cranial techniques are extremely gentle. Patients remained clothed and usually lay on their back, although side lying or sitting positions can be used if patients are more comfortable, i.e. during pregnancy.

Cranial treatment

Who is it for

Cranial techniques can be used for anyone. We find that people who are in severe pain, or feel more fragile due to age or injury favour the Cranial approach. For example these techniques are used commonly with babies, pregnant women and older patients. Depending on the nature of your pain we can use these techniques in a combination with standard Osteopathic techniques, stretching and exercise a appropriate.