Customised Pulley Protection Splints 

A simple way to help promote an effective and efficient recovery for any finger pulley injury is to use one of our custom made pulley protection splints.

Using the latest reserach is a key part of our approach to ensure you have the best care avaialble. CPPS is a well-researched intervention with great results coming from finger experts in Switzerland. Research has showed reduction in tendon-bone distance, which in turn improves range of motion, strength and performance. Reports of climbers regaining back to their previous performance are also recorded.

We use the finger ring as part of a bigger picture of care and rehab to ensure you are back on the wall sooner rather than later. Just popping the ring on won’t guarantee a full recovery, you need to explore any reasons for it popping in the first place.

This can include:

  • Poor finger muscle/tendon mobility 
  • Over training
  • Poor technique on the wall
  • Limited wrist and finger mobility
  • Low tissue load capacity

In order to book in a session to have a custom splint made you will need to book an initial consultation with either Freddie or Kieran. We need to assess the extent of the injury and make sure this is the right course of action to take.

If you are unsure whether you could benefit from a CPPS then book in a free 20 min consultation at our Vauxhall Clinic.