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Manta Health foam roller

If you’re keen on sport and exercises the manta foam roller can improve the range of movement at joints; reduce the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS); reduce trigger points and lead to myofascial release allowing your body to perform at its best. 

If you have a more sedentary lifestyle and are tired of feeling stiff and sore the manta roller works to support circulation and lymphatic drainage; mobilises your whole spine and helps stop your muscles getting tight due to your work posture.

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Pocket physio soft tissue tool

When muscles get tight they often cause pain in specific patterns away from the area. Each muscle in the body has a specific referral pain pattern. Applying pressure to the tightest area of a muscle (the trigger point) signals to the muscle to relax. This helps relieve pain and improve mobility in the associated joints.

This 5cm trigger and double size devices are perfect for locating and releasing tight muscles in the neck, shoulder and elbow. Double the size of the standard Pocket Physio, this tool is ideal for locating and releasing the deep, hard to reach muscles such as Glute Medius, Piriformus or TFL, that contribute to lower back pain when tight and restricted.

Trigger Point Massage Balls

Massage balls are the in between to a roller and a Pocket Physio tool. Much smaller than a foam roller they are suited to working on deeper muscles like the glutes and the quads. These balls help to break down adhesions between layers of muscle and fascia to ensure the smooth movement of tissue when exercsing.

Exercise Rehabilitation

Theraband - 5 Pack - 1.5m each

Theraband are the staple of any rehabilitation programme, offering versatility to exercise at home or at work in a wide range of movements a gym machine can't offer. The 5 colours allow you to choose the appropriate resistance for your exercises so you can progress through what our tam has suggested you work on.

Speak to your practitioner for which combination you need to for your programme. 

Theraband - FlexBar

The FlexBar is a great tool for working on hand, wrist and finger rehabilitation. We use these particularly with climbers and those recovering with our hand therapy team. Like with the therabands these bars have a graded level of resistance offering progressive increases in load to help with your recovery.

Glute exercise bands

These bands are great for training your gluteus minimus and medius muscles in the upper/lateral glutes. These muscles are very important for running and keeping good knee alignment. They also help prevent injuries like bursitis, tendinopathy and muscle tears.

Office and desk equipment 

Nexstand K2

Laptop stand ideal for work and travel - compact, lightweight and portable at just 234 grams. If you work while traveling or if you commute between multiple workspaces and want a stand to use both at home and at your destination, we recommend NEXSTAND K2. Quick and easy to set up and foldaway, it's adjustable and sturdy.

Its small folding profile makes this very easy to carry with you or pack away your home office setup. You laptop should only be in use for short periods. Make your laptop a monitor with an external mouse and keyboard.

Since Lockdown we have had a surge in people reporting upper back and neck pain. Read our blog on ways to help give you the best office outside of work. 

We cant recommend this piece of kit more highly.