Exercise rehabilitation - Rebuilding and Repairing

Returning to play is often a path with ups and downs of performance and regression. We are here to help ensure you get back to full performance and stay that way.

What do we do

Recovery from injury isn't about resting for a period of time and then returning to the football pitch when the pain has gone. One of the most common reasons sports people pop into our clinic is because their return to activity has been based upon pain the article:

"I don't feel the pain anymore, lets give this a try" - Most people et al., 2020

What we do that's different is to explore the function you have available not just the pain. We do this through a series of performance and movement based tests on and off the treatment couch. We make these tests specific to your sport or exercise to ensure it is as relevant as we can make it.

Why is this effective?

When the pain of an injury is decreasing the body is going through a series of tissue healing mechanisms to ensure your muscles, bones, tendons, ligament etc are looking like they did prior to the injury.

But this is the point, they may look similar but their level of strength is not... The amount of structural integrity needed to resist the forces of your sports normally are higher than what has been recreated. 

What does this mean? Essentially we need to give your body a reason to these areas stronger again and the best way to do that is through exercise and rehabilitation. Using a selection of exercises to 'overload' the tissue in a progressive and focused way increase that tissues resilience and prepares you to restart your sport or exercise.

What does this look like?

We have a range of spaces at our centres we can train you in, creating simple but effective ways to encourage your body to heal. Exercise rehabilitation can be made to look snazzy and flamboyant but the reality is if you load the area in an effective, low risk way your body will improve. 

You can check out our YouTube channel to explore some of the ways in which we help you achieve a full recovery.

All of our team can help you with sports injury rehabilitation, it's part of our overall approach to living pain free and healthy life.

In order to access this support you'll need to book in with one of the team for an initial consultation where we can assess your needs and create the most appropriate rehab plan for you.