Meet Nigel – Epic human and Incredible Osteopath

Nigel Robinson B.Ost, MBA, PgDip, BA

That's a lot of letters after his name and they are there for a reason... A dedicated chap driven to support public health through his work in Camden Council as an Osteopath with our Team.

If you're looking to book in with Nigel you can explore his availability here.

We managed to pin Nigel down for 5 mins to talk about his journey into Osteopathy from the public sector and his views on patient care and pain management.

Tell us about yourself

I'm a very physically active (love it), healthy, happy and endlessly optimistic 61 year old. 'Grandad Nige' to my 2 under-5 grandson's, my fitness and youthful outlook on life provides my endless energy and drive for being a fully hands on grandad well into old age. They give me so much joy.

At the risk of sounding horribly 'goody 2 shoes' I work hard and play hard. I'm both Head of Sport & Physical Activity for Camden Council and proud to be an osteopath and working for Just One Body and Kieran my dynamic Clinical Director. So as a strategic manager (in Camden) mandated to improve health and wellbeing at a population level, and osteopathic clinician at the other end of the spectrum, I'm uniquely placed to influence public health policy and gain first hand insights of the health and wellbeing needs of real people (my osteopathic patients). I'm therefore very and happily busy work wise and physically active (distance road cycling, gym, spin, pilates, yoga) but find time to take advantage of London's rich cultural offer of high quality visual and performing arts with my lovely partner (selfishly, can't wait for Covid-19 out the way).

We're very proud to be supporting Target Ovarian Cancer each year with all their London marathon runners. Nigel and Kieran offer support to all who manage to get to the start line (which is no easy feat). 

Nigel is a huge fan of this type of work. Giving back time and energy to the people who complete extraordinary tasks. 

Keep up the great work Target!

We'll see you again soon.

What brought you to working within the healthcare community

I'm passionate about sport and physical activity and have been from when I took my first steps. The benefits for health and well being are profound. From professional footballer to community physical activity strategist becoming an osteopathic clinician seemed like a natural and logical career development.

What do you enjoy about being an Osteopath

What's not to like? As an osteopath I get to make a difference to people's lives, which is my lifetime vocation. Ridding people of pain and restoring function is a highly valuable public service that has far reaching positive consequences at a personal, social and economic level. And there's nothing more professionally satisfying then when a customer reports feeling so much better. As daft as this sounds I've been known to well up when a customer utters those words. Such a privilege.

With COVID-19 affecting the way we work what issues have you seen since lockdown 1.0

Paradoxically you might say, people seem to fall into 2 camps - those that have been less physically active and those that become significantly more active, during lockdown. The outcome, however, is common - aches, pains, and reduced function - from the guy that increased the duration, frequency and intensity of road running to the extent of developing debilitating lower leg overuse pain, to a woman forced to work from home at a makeshift home work station for prolonged periods, and consequential neck stiffness, pain and headaches.

What 5 tips can you give to people with these issues

1. Increase exercise intensity gradually 

We can help and advise on exercise programmes that develop strength, endurance or stability, or whatever your goals and needs may be.

2. Review your home work station setup 

You'd be surprised how much you can gain from a few subtle adjustments. Check out our online home workstation guide to get you into a better place to work.

3. Take regular breaks (hourly at least) from desk working to move and stretch

4. Happy body with a happy mind

As well as being physically active, practice mindfulness for management of stress and anxiety, which can cause muscular pain and stiffness . There are lots of Apps to choose from and we can help you make the right choice. Also, active mindfulness has been shown to help manage the severity of headaches at the initial onset. Neck and shoulder mobilisation and stretching exercises can also prevent and manage the severity of headache pain. Again, JOB can treat these symptoms and provide exercise and stretching programmes for customers to do at home or the gym.

Check out our YouTube video guides for help.

5. Seek support from professionals

This doesn't mean "come in an book a session with us", we're keen for you to speak to people who are on hand to help. For example, GPs may be busy but they are still offering support. Do seek their help and advice We have a wide network of professionals from different backgrounds who can help.

If you do want to get support from us you can book a free 20 min consultation via our booking section. This gives you the opportunity to speak to one of our team virtually or face to face. We can discuss whether our care is suitable for you or whether you need to see another professional. 

You can see a summary of what Nigel specialises in here. Nigel works in our Monument clinic in the city of London and is available throughout the week.