Osteopathy – treating causes not just symptoms 

If you’re struggling with pain or have suffered an injury, Osteopaths are the ideal practitioner to visit. We work with a range of musculoskeletal issues. To find out more on what we treat click here!

We are experts in identifying what’s causing your pain and how to quickly resolve the issue. We do this by completing a thorough assessment, which includes:

Case history 

  • Discussing the nature and reasons for you pain
  • Exploring your past medical history
  • Outlining your current and previous activity levels

Physical Examination and assessment

  • Assessing the way your body should and shouldn't move
  • Clinical tests to check for any issues a doctor would explore
  • Hands-on examination of your tissues and joints

We then ensure you have a diagnosis of the problem, which is explained to you with a suggested plan of action. We take the time to explain our thoughts, diagnosis and treatment, to ensure you are fully aware of your treatment plan and the approach behind it.

Osteopaths are trained to Graduate or Master’s level from a range of University level courses around the UK and Europe. We have over 2000 hours of clinical experience and have been working with patients for at least 2 years prior to graduation.

We are all bound to complete Continuing Professional Development by our governing body. We believe and ensure all our Osteopaths are actively reading and learning new techniques and discussing cases within our clinics.