Meet the team

Just One Body - our philosophy is in our name

We each have one body that lasts us a lifetime. What we do with it and how we keep it healthy is each of our choice

Just one body are a dedicated team of professionals with one aim – helping you get the most out of your body through effective injury prevention, treatment and management of a range of musculoskeletal conditions. We have over 20 years of clinical experience helping people manage and resolve pain brought on by everyday living and elite and amateur sport.

Our team consists of people who have competed in running, roller derby, football, cycling, dancing, swimming and rock climbing.

Our broad-viewed approach means we can quickly assess what tissue is causing your pain and the reasons behind why this is a problem in the first place. This is far more important than just treating the sore bit.

Kieran Lowe M.ost, BSc H SRIP

Clinic Director

Principle Osteopath & Sports Rehabilitator

Skills & Training

- Osteopathy

- Exercise rehabilitation

- Post surgical rehab

- Sports massage

- Taping & bracing

- Event support

- Movement pattern analysis

- Work station assessment & ergonomics

Areas of Interest:

- Running injuries

- Back and neck pain

- Climbing injuries

- Postural issues

- Exercise rehabilitation

- Hip, leg and ankle issues

- Desk and postural problems

Kieran has been working within healthcare for over 14 years where he has supported elite and amateur level athletes in the UK and abroad. More recently Kieran has been working with ergonomic specialists based within a range of office based locations across London. With this Kieran treats a range of people, sporty or not, with the aim of managing pain in the short term but ensuring his patients know how to prevent the problem from returning.

"Pain and its management starts with exploring the causes pain not just the location and symptoms. I am keen to engage my patients with exercises and stretches to manage and prevent pain from returning. Once in good health I encourage people to move and exercise to keep your mind and body in tip top shape."

Kieran has been involved in a range of sports and activities, particularly dance and football from an early age. More recently he has been focusing his time on Triathlons, Rock climbing and Cycling as well as exploring the wonderful world of Roller Derby.

In 2017 Kieran founded Osteo Adventures supporting Ultra Marathon runners from all over the world. Working exclusively with Ultra X Kieran has built up great experience and skills working with Elite and Amateur runners in some of the harshest environments in the world.

Skills & Training

- Osteopathy

- Exercise rehabilitation

- Dry needling

- Sports massage

- Taping & bracing

- Work station assessment & ergonomics

- Motivational interviewing

Gait analysis

- Harmonic technique

Areas of Interest:

- Back, neck and rib pain
- Cycling injuries an bike ergonomics
- Shoulder pain (throwing and overhead work)
- Football injuries, including knee and ankle pain
- Abdominal pain, constipation and other bowel issues
- Lifestyle coaching

Nigel Robinson B.ost, MBA, PgDip, BA

Osteopath & Massage practitioner


- Monument

Nigel has worked in the community physical activity and public health sector for over 40 years. He is currently head of sport and physical activity for Camden Council. His remit includes services for people with long-term medical conditions, including osteopathy.

Also a qualified osteopath, Nigel is therefore uniquely positioned to develop the reach and appeal of osteopathy to a wider audience, which he has made his strategic mission.

Nigel is a passionate and committed osteopath. He often says how much he loves it and helping people to rid themselves of pain and movement restriction and improve quality of life.

“Osteopathy works…it can reduce people’s pain, restore function and re-build physical confidence. As well diagnosis and a range of effective treatments, I strive to provide my customers with the tools they need to help themselves and stay symptom free, long-term”.

Nigel was once a professional footballer and nationally ranked tennis player. Today he is a keen road cyclist and every year enjoys long trips in Europe and beyond (e.g. London to Barcelona). He therefore understands what it feels like to be an injured performance athlete and the need for sports specific and bespoke rehabilitation.

Nigel had a chronic low back problem for many years. A common problem, Nigel turned to osteopathy and became an osteopath; so impressed was he by the positive impact it made on his condition, which is now under control.    

Skills & Training

- Sports Therapist

- UKSCA Strength & Conditioning

- Exercise Rehabilitation 

- Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation

- ISRM Sports Massage Level 5

- Taping & bracing

- Dry Cupping

Areas of Interest:

- Climbing injuries 
- Performance Enhancement
- Athletic profiling & Screening
- Endurance athletes

Freddie Wee

Sports Therapist, Strength & Conditioning Specialist and Massage practitioner


- Vauxhall

As a Sports Therapist working for over 8 years Freddie has a wealth of knowledge and experience. He works with a range of people from elite and amateur athletes to office workers and people with disabilities.
“Combining my knowledge of movement, strength & conditioning and now Osteopathy I can work with pain and injury from a new perspective. Bringing knowledge of pain, tissue dysfunction into a wider scope of healthcare is exciting and incredibly useful for what we see in clinic everyday.”

Freddie has been climbing for over 20 years; competing, training and coaching. He works with the Team GB Development Squad helping to develop the next generation of top level climbers. He is also a keen outdoorsman and qualified adventure guide, who has climbed many high altitude peaks and raced in many multi-sport adventure races, some spanning multiple days. His most recent feat is a self-supported 14-day bike-packing adventure across the United Kingdom in 2019, from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

Freddie is currently in his final year at University College of Osteopathy before becoming a qualified osteopath.