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Meet Robyn Gupta, one of our Just one body athletes

We had the opportunity to speak with Robyn recently. We couldn't get her off the wall to talk to her so we took the interview to the wall! The photo above is mid interview... Maybe

So Robyn, introduce yourself to the world!

I’m 14 years old and I’ve been climbing 4 years now. I started climbing outdoors as a one off session but fell in love with it straight away and been climbing since. I think the climbing community is great and I am happy and proud to be apart of it.

How often do you climb and where?

I normally climb 4 days a week and try to get outdoors at the weekend as much as possible, I normally climb at white spider, where I am on the squad. I enjoy climbing there because they have a strong squad run by Guy Davenport. The lead walls are great and the competition bouldering wall is set awesome. I also love climbing at Vauxwall, this is my climbing home where I first started climbing properly and entering competitions. I’ve made lots of friends there and always feel welcome. Love the staff and love the people.

What do you prefer, Outdoor or indoor?

I just love climbing and couldn’t choose which discipline I prefer. They’re all very different but I never don’t want to climb. The social side both outdoor and indoor is amazing.

Climbing indoors does allow the consistency of training more due to the weather and it’s generally safer. 

Being able to find my freedom outdoors is awesome!


Climbing outdoors is sometimes tougher which is great. The routes are harder to read, some times the weather doesn't help, but it does make it more interesting

Here's Robyn working on her strength and conditioning. Credit - Island Feather

If you had to choose one of Lead vs bouldering, what would it be?

I started off bouldering with the vauxsquad based at VauxWall west, I then went onto join the whitespider squad so I could gain more lead climbing experience and compete in national competitions. I felt really comfortable going on to lead climbing I had spent some time being coached by Belinda Fuller on lead. I found it really fun and wasn’t scared to push myself… and luckily don’t have the fear of falling or heights. I think I’m a little more cautious when bouldering; with lead climbing if I can trust my belayer then I feel the risk is less. I’ve also had more injuries when bouldering which is fairly normal from what I understand. Kieran from Just one body has treated and supported me with all the wall throws at me. Nothing has lasted more than a few weeks.

Who do you climb with?

Well I climb with lots of people, one of the great things about the sport is it has a great community and is really social. I climb with the squad twice a week, but then also climb a lot with my dad, friends from the local wall young and old and everyone in-between. I starting entering military competitions in the last few years. I was surprised to see how many people were involved in these events. I’m keen to get back to this when the comps start again!

I climb with Kieran, Obviously!

What do you have to do to behind the scenes to climb well?

There’s nothing better than climbing to get better at climbing, but I also do strength and conditioning plans set by my coach Guy davenport. Kieran also help me fill any gaps in the rehab/S&C plans. I am naturally quite mobile and Kieran helps me stay that way so I can use this on the wall. I also have weekly appointments with just one body for injury prevention, to help fix me when I need to be fixed and also help keep me motivated. If I am to achieve what I need the motivational support is really useful.

What has Just one body helped you the most with?

Just one body have helped me loads, I’ve had one or to injuries along the way. Climbing is a tough sport on the body and I’ve never wanted to end up being one of those climbers covered in tape. They’ve been great and not just treating any injuries but also guiding me mentally. I recommend any climber to get checked over at the very least. You’d be surprised how you feel after some focus and attention to areas that you don’t know are struggling.

What’s you plans and ambitions for the next 3 yrs?

That’s a really hard question, with what’s changed in the last year. I really want to want to climb for Great Britain, and just keep climbing indoors outdoors seeing and doing great things. I am also supported by some other sponsors island feather, Entre-Prise, Upper layer, kletterkalk so I want to continue to build good relationships with people, I want to be in the climbing world professionally and make a future out of it.

What's your favourite climbing moment?

I have already got so many great climbing experiences. But one of the best and the one that I think will stick in my memory is the first time I climbed outdoors and really got tested. It was the highest grade I’d climbed at the time and only the second time I had climbed outdoors. I was on a climb called gorilla tactics 6c at Winspit near Swanage. I was at the second to last clip and I was trying desperately to clip but I couldn’t reach, I tried every position I could just getting pumped. The route goes over a big cave, If I’d bailed it would have been a big fall into the arête of the cave. I had to stop and think, I knew the route I’d worked it on top rope and knew the end well. So I climbed through and clipped the last clip and was safe. I know it was risky but I had to make a decision and that time it was the decision was the right one!

Thanks for this Robyn! Probably the hardest interview we've done!

We can't wait to see Robyn on the climbing circuit again soon. There is a great foundation for being a top climber! Bring on the next 10 years!

Checkout Robyn and her Dad Steve's Instagram page to keep up to date with all their climbs, training and aims to become one of the best climbers in the UK.