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Our team of amazing people who represent all we stand for; hard work, diligence but most importantly fun

Robyn Gupta

Murielle Escorial

Marina Ranger

Twice the Health - Hannah and Emily

Tom Joly De Lotbiniere

Lewis Robling

Dominic Birch

James Cooke

Robyn Gupta - Junior climbing legend

Robyn started climbing 3 years ago and has progressed at an incredible pace. Not only does she climb better than Kieran our clinic director, she is winning competitions for her age group and beating people twice her age/experience. 
She is a member of the White Spider Climbing Squas and is gradually working her way up the rankings at events across the UK and Europe.
Robyn has her sights set on competing for Team GB at the 2024 Olympics. We will do all we can to help her get there.

"Thanks for keeping me pain and injury free, I'm normally the only one in a comp without tape on my hands and shoulders!"
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Climbing star robyn the limpet

Murielle Escorial - Climbing Queen

As a passionate boulderer, Murielle has put in lots of work into her progression for the last 2 years; she doesn't let much get in the way of this sport. She fell in love with bouldering for the fun and personal challenges it brings. She's committed to trying over and over again to push her limits and comfort zone. Working with us means that she can continue to reach her full potential. 

"Thanks for keeping me pain and injury free, I'm normally the only one in a comp without tape on my hands and shoulders!"
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Marina Ranger - Team GB Triathlete

I was 22 when I completed my first ultra marathon, running 250km in 7 days across the Kalahari desert in South Africa. Now 29, having completed 20+ ultra marathons, 2 x half Ironmans, 2 x full Ironmans and 1 x long distance triathlon where I represented GB. It is safe to say I have a full time job fulfilling my love and passion for endurance sports.
My next challenge is completing 5 Ironmans in 5 days in countries to raise money for Breast Cancer. I truly believe that everyone has the capability to push beyond their boundaries and with hard work and dedication they can achieve great things. I love pushing my body to its limits and I hope I can encourage others to too!

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Twice the Health - Hannah and Emily

We are Twice the Health, otherwise known as E and H (Emily and Hannah). We're, simply put, two best buds who love to run. Our passion for strides is something that has been with us since we were quite little (and likely a lot faster) having both taken part in 800 and 1500m track events throughout school. In an ideal world, you'd find us chasing trails or running along the river, joined by our UK wide run club gang 'We are Runners'. We're also pretty partial to a big endurance event, Ultra Marathons for H and Ironman for E!

Check out Twice the Health on instagram, also checkout their partners

Dominic Birch - British Triathlete & Ironman

Dominic first met us through an injury that was stopping him from competing at the level he wanted. Since working with Just one body Dominic is now fully recovered and training hard to improve his Ironman time. He wants to be on the podium and is already well on the way to do just that. Dominic trains with the Clapham Chasers and is competing in a number of half an full Ironman's this year.

"Thank you Just one body for getting me back on track... and the bike and the pool in no time!"
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James Cooke - Ultra Marathon Runner

James found running in 2016 to help with his mental and poor physical health, James quickly pushed himself up to half marathons and ran his first marathon within 12 months. Bitten by the bug, he continued to explore distance running and middle distance triathlons, completing a number before getting intrigued in Ultra in 2019. He went on to complete his first 100km single stage, and 125km multi-stage ultra's in 2020. James and Just One Body met at Ultra X England in late 2020.
James is a true Ultra advocate and now Ultra X Ambassador, helping people believe and achieve goals they previously felt unattainable.

I have my eyes set on some big events, with some big goals. The advice and support of Just One Body is incredible and I know they are key to me achieving success.

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