Harry Slater

Kieran’s treatment was excellent. He is clearly very knowledgeable and he helped me both with the problem I went to him for (my shoulder) and also another injury that I thought was already on the mend, but certainly improved further after following Kieran’s advice. I would have no hesitation before going for more treatment if … Read more

Nikola Stojiljkovic

After being inactive for a couple of months during the self-isolation period, I developed a couple of neck and back related problems. Firstly, Kerian assessed the impact and cause of the injuries, and communicated very clearly what might be happening. He asked me to provide photos of my workstation and suggested improvements to prevent these … Read more

Rebecca Crawshaw

I can’t recommend Kieran and Just One Body enough, he is really brilliant. So knowledgeable, thorough and professional with a real personal touch. I had a couple of long term issues which are now all resolved thanks to Kieran.

Michael Ward

Great communication, sound advice (taking my opinions on board too) and just all round very worth while and professional.


After developing a sports-related injury I visited Osteopath, Kieran Lowe at Just One Body’s Vauxhall clinic. Like many injuries the exact cause wasn’t obvious and resting had done nothing to resolve things. Seeing Kieran was the best decision I made. After following a bespoke treatment plan for a few weeks I began to see results … Read more