Valerie’s journey away from surgery

Offering concessionary support for local residents – Valerie’s journey to recovery without surgery.

‘I had to make a choice between continuing to see the NHS physio or exploring Osteopath with Just one Body; I felt like I definitely made the right choice in choosing Kieran at Just one Body.

After experiencing severe knees problems and being told she has a degenerative knee condition – surgery was the only option the doctor strongly advised she go for. However after visiting the physiotherapist and being perplexed at how a diagnosis and rehabilitation plan could have been given to her without having the physician physically touch her and feel the knee for any issues, it started to raise some questions. Valerie felt as though she was just another number in a line of many who had a similar condition and there was a “one size fits all” rehabilitation and surgery programme handed out like a machine.

‘I ran in to Kieran in the foyer of my gym and I explained my predicament to him. He said he was offering a free consultation and it just took off from there. After our first session, I instantly felt better. He was very kind and reassuring. I discussed my worries with my MRI and surgery and he was very calming and told me to not get surgery – to see if we could try another method first. He was very positive and you could see he was constantly problem solving to get down to the bottom of this and seeing what methods we could use. His treatments and techniques always felt tailored to my injury and not something that is given to you and 100 other patients. His follow up advice was always good and helpful.

It’s been over 6 months since I got told I needed surgery (which I didn’t have thanks to Kieran) and I can now walk up and down the stairs without pain which I wasn’t able to do before! The doctor said that in my current state I am perfectly fine and I won’t need to see him for another year to just check on the progress of my knee’.

Quite often people are told to get surgery without exploring other options first, however surgery often leads to complications further down the line which can’t be fixed . Surgery can be used far too hastily and we see this as a last resort.  As our name suggests – you have “Just One Body”, what can you do to invest into your health and well-being. Keep moving, stay active and don’t stop!

Valerie’s experience and testimony is one we are all too familiar with as an Osteopath. For Valerie she was able to access our services via our concessionary rate we have developed with the support of Camden Council and Better.

If you are in similar situation and want to explore whether we can help click here book in for a free 20 min consultation in one of our London clinics.