What we treat

Our Osteopaths and Sports Therapists are famed for being able to work on issues throughout the body, from top to toe.

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There are many different types of headache, some which we can treat. The others we can diagnose and refer you to the most suitable clinician. This can be via your GP or a private specialist.
Pictured to the right is a Cervico-genic headache where the pain you feel in and around the base of the back of your skull and around your eyes. The Greater Occipital Nerve (one of the nerves involved) becomes irritated by the smaller and large muscles around the back of the neck. This can when your head falls forward from poor posture and these muscles stay contracted for long periods and become tight and painful.

Jaw pain and issues when chewing or biting are not often managed by physios and osteopaths. Our team specialise in this area and would be happy to help with treatment and exercises to resolve any pain or issues,

If this is something you are struggling with we would explore the postures you use throughout your day as this tend to create the environment for this issue to exist in. 
We would also look at your mobility and strength in your torso, spine, shoulders and neck and tailor a treatment and exercise plan to suit you.

Neck pain

This is one of the most common areas of pain that presents into our clinic. People report a clicking or grinding noise in their neck when they move or have restriction when turning or bending their neck. This doesn't mean your neck needs to be clicked or anything is out of place. 

Pain can result from muscles in and around the neck that becomes stiff over time, especially with people working on laptops or in offices. The amount of pain never matches he amount of 'damage' within the tissue.

We would also need to explore whether you may have pain assocaited with a disc, facet joint or nerves that can become irritated and painful. Our team see this type of pain very often and are very happy to help resolve it. Book a free 20 min consultation to see if we can help.

Shoulder pain

This area is renowned for a range of different issues and potential diagnoses. Rotator cuff tears, tendinitis, bursitis, 'Frozen shoulder', impingement...  the list goes on. Dr Jo Gibson, a well known Specialist in shoulder problems has highlighted how inaccurate the range available of clinical tests are to give an accurate diagnosis even with an MRI. 

Our approach focuses on the function of the joint rather than rying to find exactly which tissue is causing the issue. From here we can create the most suitable recovery programme combinating hands-on treatment and exercsie based rehab as appropriate.
At times we may need to request further imaging of the shoulder with can be completed privately or thorugh the NHS. We have links to local Imaging facilities, which we can explore with you.


It's all too common to get pain in and around the elbow, especially with people using laptops and keyboards. Issues like tennis/golfers elbow are regular visitors to our clinic.

Whether you're a climber, golfer or office worker the solution to these issues are tailored to you. There will be differences with how you use your wrist, elbow and hand so we can choose the right treatment and rehabilitation plan to suit you.

Our team are also trained in DSE assessment to go give you the right ergonomic and exercises to help prevent issues from developing and or reoccurring. Click here to view our advice on Ergonomic setup for fixed offices and mobile work stations. Or book a free 20 min consultation to chat through your questions


Wrist pain can be very debilitating making us realise how much we rely on its use everyday. Common problems include:
  • Tendinopathies
  • Ligament sprains
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Ganglion cysts
Our wrist and hand specialist osteopaths are well versed in managing these types of issues without the need to explore invasive surgery.

For those using computers our team are also trained in DSE assessment to go give you the right ergonomic and exercises to help prevent issues from developing and or reoccurring. Click here to view our advice on Ergonomic setup for fixed offices and mobile work stations.

Hand and fingers

You only become aware of how much you use your hand and fingers when there is an issue. Every day task become quite troublesome and you are finding your other hand isn't up to the task. Repetitive strain injuries are common in the hand, ensuring your work station is suited to fit you is important to working pain free.

Our climbing clinic in Vauxwall east climbing centre sees many people with these issues. Our climbing specialist Osteopaths can help you overcome a range of pulley, tendon and ligament issues. Using a combination of Hands-on treatment, movement screening and exercise rehabilitation we can help you resolve these issues and have you back on the wall in no time. Want to see if we can help? Book a free 20 min consultation to explore how we can help.

For those using computers our team are also trained in DSE assessment to go give you the right ergonomic and exercises to help prevent issues from developing and or reoccurring. Click here to view our advice on Ergonomic setup for fixed offices and mobile work stations.

Ribs and Chest

Many people don't realise the ribs and the lungs start just beneath the collar bone and move from the front of the chest bone to the spine in the back. We commonly find people with pain around the side of the chest and near the shoulder blade. 

Pain can also appear on deep breathing, which can be quite concerning for some. Our team of Osteopaths are trained to explore this in detail, completing a thorough respiratory examination to ensure the pain is musculoskeletal in nature. 
We can work through mobilising soft tissue and improving rib mobility through hands-on treatment and breathing exercises. 

Issues like costochondritis, rib facet irritations, poor breathing mechanics are all well within the scope of an Osteopath and typically present with spinal and thoracic issues.

Booking a free 20 mins consultation can help us understand if we can help you with these types of pains or whether we need to refer you to your GP.

Back and spine

The most common occurring pain in the body is back and spinal pain; accounting for over 40% of all musculoskeletal pain in the workforce. Back pain is created by a range of different factors with no one approach guaranteeing recovery.
Our team are well equipped to manage this multi-faceted nature of back pain and ensure the solutions offered match your needs.

We treat the following conditions:
- Disc pain, bulges, herniations and prolapses
- Facet joint irritations
- Muscle spasm and stiffness
- Ligament strains
- Muscle weakness and poor core strength

We manage these issues through a combination of hands-on treatment, patient education and exercises to restore normal function to you back. 


Hips are a surprisingly complex area of the body. They are an important junction point in the body for load and transmitting force as well as being able to create movement in a 3-D environment at speed if needed. Our team has extensive experience working and resolving pain in the hip area without the need for invasive surgery.

Common problems with the hip:
- Tendinopathy of tendons in the glutes and hip flexors
- Impingements and Labral Tears
- Osteoarthritic changes
- Bursitis
- Muscle tears

Book an appointment through our website at a location that is best suited for you.


Although pelvis issues are much less common than in the surrounding areas of the body, issues with its position and usage do appear. This is particularly apparent during pregnancy and post-natal care. 

Issues with pelvic floor muscles can lead to urinary problems, which can affect your everyday life. We also work with people suffering with pubic symphysis pain and dysfunction. 
Our team are well trained to help identify muscular imbalances and help teach you method to strengthen and mobilise you pelvis whatever you are presenting with.

If you are pregnant our pregnancy focused practitioners offer support from conception to post-natal care. We manage issues like pelvic-girdle pain and pelvic floor problems


Knee pain can present in many forms causing anything from everyday aches to disabling injuries that require a surgical intervention.

Our team are well versed in highlighting the right structures involved in knee pain and can offer you broad scope of support to get you pain free and stay that way.

Knee problems can consist of:
- Ligament sprain and tears
- Muscle tears
- Tendinopathies
- Meniscus tears and irritations
- Osgood Schlatters
- Osteoarthritic changes

Knee issues are normally the result of other areas of the body placing too much of a demand on the knee, leading to pain and injury. Our team with thoroughly explore how your hips, back and ankles move to get to the bottom of why you have pain.

Shin, calf and lower leg

Second to back pain this is very common area of issue for our patients. We have extensive experience working with a range of walkers, athletes, runners, climbers and cyclist who all report pain and injury with their lower leg area.

Shin Splints is a phrase we commonly hear from our patients. It is an umbrella term for a range of issues in the surrounding lower leg. Issues like:
- Medial tibial stress syndrome
- Muscle tightness
- Achilles ruptures and tendinopathy
- Bony stress problems and stress fractures
- Muscle tears

Our team are keen to explore how your leg, hips and ankles move to understand if any bio-mechanical issues are causing pain or increasing the risk of injury. We can offer advice for orthotic arch support, taping and exercises to help 'correct' any issues.
Book  a free 20 min consultation to explore if we can help.

Ankle and foot

Sprained ankles are very common in sports and everyday life. Rolling your ankle can be very painful and without good rehab can leave you much more susceptible to re-injury. 

However, sprained ankles are not the only issue that can arise in this area. Issues involving the foot bones, ligaments and tendon are very commonly seen in our clinics.

The relationship with the ankle, foot and lower leg is well documented and you can expect our team of practitioners to explore this relationship in close detail. 

We are always keen to offer support through our online exercise system called Rehab my patient", which offers detailed information and videos on how to continue your recovery from home or at the gym. Want to see if we can help you? Book a free 20 min consultation to chat through what's troubling you.


You toes are surprisingly robust considering at any give time they can be carrying you whole body weight. However, when injured this area can be very debilitating.

The mechanics of the toes and foot can very quickly change you from a pro runner to and expert hobbler! We treat issue like:
- Morton's Neuroma
- Dropped metatarsal heads
- Osteoarthritic change
- Bony injury and avulsions
- Tendinopathy 
- Ligament sprains

Our sports focused practitioners are on hand to help with all range of foot and toe issues that have appeared through sport and exercise. Book a free 20 min consultation to explore if we can help.